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Kwan Yin Goddess of Compassion

Sacred Space for Soul Work

One-on-one sessions are currently available &
Group events to come
in 2024


New to my work? You are most welcome to schedule a no-obligation, complimentary (no-charge), 30-minute zoom time for us to meet and explore working together. A chance for me to learn a bit about you and what you might be seeking and for you to ask any questions you may have.

I currently offer 2-hour zoom sessions.

The cost is $88/hour and 2-hour sessions are $160.

Shorter sessions (1½ hours or 1 hour) are possible, on request,
for those who have done at least one 2-hour session.

Some reasons why people have chosen to do
one-on-one sessions with me:


  • The inner journey has become a necessity or this is something they feel deeply called to do or someone who knows them and me felt it was a fit.

  • They are drawn to one or more of the modalities I offer.
    Examples: Coaching + Energy Clearing + Enneagram OR Constellations to address Ancestral burdens

  • They are shifting from an early adult life orientation or survival orientation to something different.

  • They are capable people and they have tried to resolve matters themselves (sometimes for a decade or more) and feel mysteriously blocked on their path and wish to explore.

  • An old life chapter has ended and they are in an “in between” space.

  • They may be experiencing something referred to as "dark night of the soul" where they are on a very deep journey.

  • Enneagram-related explorations.

  • Self-care: a way to commune regularly with their deeper self (soul spa time).

  • As a support or complement to their healing journey that may also include traditional medicine or professional mental health support or some other work.

  • We met through a class or group work and there was a topic such as inner child work that they wished to explore in the added safety of a private session.

  • Processing grief or loss or to be deeply met.

I am not a licensed mental health professional and humbly ask for your own well-being that you seek out licensed professional help whenever mental or medical or emergency health support is needed.

Modalities & Approaches

If you have an interest in something specific please mention that (for example, you want to use or are already familiar with the Enneagram or Astrology or Spiral Dynamics). You are always welcome to bring dreams and other material that feels meaningful to your session.

Particular sessions may include

Sacred Enneagram & Essential Reality

Systemic Constellations (Personal, Family, Ancestral, Other)
Inner Child Healing, Inner Critic and other parts work

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (PLR) & Guided Meditation

Personal  Life Transition Coaching

Spiral Dynamics

Integration of material from dreams, breathwork & other expanded states

Transpersonal & Jungian approaches (such as Grof Birth Perinatal Matrices, Shadow)

Archetypal, Mythological & Symbolic realms

Perspectives from Astrology, Tarot & other Intuitive Arts

Spiritual Energy Clearings using SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)

Grief & Loss processing and resourcing

Creative & Devotional practices

Personal & Life Transition Coaching


The Centerpoint Natural Cycles of Change model has been with me since 1996. Sometimes, after seasons of intense and significant outward expression (career, family, community) there might be an in between time of losing energy (feeling burned out), going inward, letting go of an old self-image or circumstance that no longer inspires or energizes, engaging in self-care and healing, and eventually finding our way out into the world again.

“When conscious life has lost its meaning and promise, it is as though a panic had broken loose…” —Jung

There is less societal understanding of or blessing for people to be in “the between” zone. I am honored to accompany clients is this phase—whether it is inner work while continuing to contribute in the outer world or deciding to open up to explore the topic after trying to resolve this on one's own for a period of time or it is a conscious journey because of significant life changes.


In individual sessions, we can work using a light trance (hypnotherapy + constellations) or set up a constellation using figurines or another method that involves pieces of paper or felt.


Group work has the additional possibility of others representing some of the people and energies in the constellation or being able to support the session through their presence.

Systemic Constellations (Family & Other)


Systemic Constellations can be used to explore deeper dynamics present in our personal, family, ancestral and collective fields.


This modality may be triggering (and holds the potential for deep healing) as shadow material may arise to be seen and acknowledged—material that, over generations, may have been pushed under the metaphorical rug and excluded.


There are many facilitators of this work around the globe and being present to what is emerging from “the field” is a commonality. It is easier to experience than to describe this work.

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression


You are welcome to bring a symptom or topic for your session. We can use what you bring to embark on an inner journey and work with what the subconscious reveals. My work does not include following scripts or using reprogramming.

Past Life Regression (PLR) does not require you “to believe” that you have had past lives. Some people are very comfortable with having lives they have lived in the past while others may experience “past lives” as material that is not necessarily their own—perhaps karmic residue or energetic fragments from the collective, from ancestors or from family or magnetized to our personality structure—yet holding relevance to this life.

For hypnotherapy sessions, if you can, consider lying down and adjusting your camera so you are visible. I will guide you using a meditation to enter into a relaxed trance state and then we will explore the topics you brought. You will be able to decide (even in trance) what to share during your experience. After we are done with our session, having some time to gently return to regular life will create a more spacious holding for your inner journey.

Sacred Enneagram & Essence


This is a body of work that has informed me for over 20 years that can serve as a support from the background. If you are familiar with the Enneagram or have an interest, we can speak about it more explicitly. Some examples:

  • In a guided meditation the 3 centers of intelligence (head, heart & gut) might be addressed without speaking of the Enneagram.

  • We might speak of breakages from spiritual (or essential reality) that occur naturally as part of developing our personality structure.

  • We might reference our instinctual intelligence (self preservation or survival capacity, sexual or attraction-repulsion attunement and social intelligence including belonging).

This has been a rich body of exploration for me, and you do not need to learn the Enneagram to benefit. Should you wish a typing interview, we would engage in deep conversation and I'd offer you my perspective as a support on your typing journey. To me, you are not your type, you are the great mystery robed as (incarnated as) you. It is also my belief that all of us will have some material to work through related to each of the points.

Themes from Astrology


If the date and time (with accuracy) and place of birth is known to you, we can optionally bring in some insights from astrology. If the time of birth is not known with accuracy then a chart can still be generated (it will present a less complete picture compared to one in which the birth time is known).

Even if we don't use astrology as an explicit lens there is much from this body of knowledge that has illuminated, for me, age-old (perennial) questions we humans have grappled with—polarities, cycles, archetypal energies, orienting to the cosmos or something greater, feeling supported, feeling like we are struggling, a way we are pulled, how we feel fulfilled or what rest or sanctuary might look like and so on.

If you have an interest in Astrology, you are welcome to bring that to our sessions. We can look at some themes and archetypal energies—both what I see and also through a generated astrology report (by Steven Forrest).

Spiritual Energy Clearing


Spiritual Response Therapy is one of the energy clearing modalities that I have benefited from personally and, for clients who might be open to it, it is something I can offer.


It involves a series of charts and a pendulum and it is a way “to pray” that the person is supported wherever they are on their path. I use prayer as a way to speak of the clearing. For me, I can sense a shift in the energy when I do these clearings. It is as if the client has a little more space or spaciousness.

These can be done even if we are not on zoom in session. Aside from this, many of my clients are (or become comfortable) perceiving energetic shifts, releases, blockage and so on over time, and there are many ways we can work. If you already use and like EFT (tapping), for example, that is also welcome. We can also include the chakra system in a variety of ways.

Support with Processing & Integration


Please feel free to bring material to sessions that may have come to you from dreams, Holotropic Breathwork® or other non-ordinary state experiences. In addition to witnessing, amplification and giving expression, if it feels right (through art, sound, movement) our time together can serve as a powerful way to hold space for more to be revealed or for the material to land in a new way.


Even for those who may not typically remember dreams, it is likely, as we work together that you might spontaneously remember a dream fragment during a session. Of course, writing or recording would welcome and enhance recollection.

Part of the Grof Training Program's Transpersonal Psychology & Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator training (2010-2013) included supporting integration of non-ordinary state experiences using creative expression (drawing mandalas, collage, clay, painting), sharing circle, writing and so on. 2022: I currently don't offer in person breathwork (HB) workshops—just integration support over zoom. HB links: GTT Events, Seattle, Europe, Facebook.

Creative & Devotional Practices


Discovering what inspires you to be heartfully present to life is a journey and will likely shift over time. Our sessions may be part of supporting some of this lifelong process.


Each person is unique and perhaps music or chanting or singing or a weekly Artist's Date, or if it resonates, perhaps a symbol or background image on your device or an altar may be a part of how you anchor what is arriving. There are times when having a practice can be a great support and nourishment.

In beauty I walk — Navajo Prayer
With beauty before me I walk
With beauty behind me I walk
With beauty above me I walk
With beauty around me I walk
It has become beauty again

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